Trains & Rail Transit in Malaysia

Trains in West Malaysia

North Bound 
1) Senandung Langkawi- (Sentral KL - Ipoh - Butterworth - Hat Yai)
2) Ekspres Sinaran Utara(Sentral KL - Butterworth - Sentral KL)

South Bound
Senandung Malam- (Singapore - Gemas - Sentral KL)
Ekonomi Siang- (Singapore - Gemas - Sentral KL)
Exspres Rakyat- (Singapore - Gemas - Sentral KL)
4) Ekspres Sinaran Pagi- (Sentral KL - Gemas -Singapore)
5) Ekspres Sinaran Petang- (Singapore - Gemas - Sentral KL)
6) Ekspres Timuran -  (Singapore - Gemas - Gua Musang - Tumpat)
Lambaian Timur ( Singapore - Tumpat - Singapore)
8) Mel- (Singapore - Gemas - Gua Musang - Tumpat)

East Bound
1) Ekspres Wau- (Tumpat - Gemas - Sentral KL)
2) Ekspres Timuran-  (Tumpat - Gua Musang - Gemas - Singapore)
3) Lambaian Timur( Tumpat - Singapore - Tumpat)
4) Mel- (Tumpat - Gua Musang - Gemas - Singapore)

International Express -  (Butterworth - Bangkok - Butterworth)

1) Ekspres Rakyat & Ekspres Sinaran
2) Ekspres Senandung Langkawi
3) Ekspres Sinaran Utara
4) Ekspres Timuran
5) Ekspres Wau
6) Ordinary Train Budget
7) Senandung Malam
8) Economy Class



1) Ekspres Rakyat & Ekspres Sinaran
2) Ekspres Senandung Langkawi
3) Ekspres Sinaran Utara
4) Ekspres Timuran
5) Ekspres Wau
6) Ordinary Train Budget
7) Senandung Malam
8) Economy Class



Rail Transit in Kuala Lumpur


KLIA Ekspres

KLIA Ekspress is a non-stop, airport rail link service between Kuala Lumpur Sentral (KL Sentral) and the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Malaysia. The service is run by Express Rail Link Snd.Bhd. which began its operations on 14 April 2002.

The non-stop 57 kilometres trip between KL Sentral and KLIA, and vice versa, takes around 28 minutes with the trains departing at 15-minute intervals during peak hours and 20-minute intervals during off-peak hours.

First train: 0500hrs
Last train: 0000hrs.
Peak Hours: 0500hrs - 0900hrs & 1600hrs - 2200hrs
Off-Peak Hours: 0900hrs - 1600hrs & 2200hrs - 0000hrs

Travellers from KL Sentral to KLIA can purchase the tickets to board the KLIA Ekspress at the KL City Air Terminal (KL CAT) which is an integral part of the KL Sentral transport hub while travellers from KLIA to KL Sentral may purchase their tickets after their arrival at KL Sentral.

Ticketing is done either by automated ticketing machines or by ticketing staff at the stations. A one-way trip would cost RM35 while the two-way trip would cost RM70. Travellers who purchase the two-way tickets are entitled to a 1-day free parking at the KL Sentral covered car park.

Validity of purchased tickets are as follows:
Standard One-Way Ticket: 1 year
Standard Two-Way Ticket: 1'st trip - 1 year; 2'nd trip - 3 months after 1'st trip

KLIA Transit

KLIA Transit is a rail service linking Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, and the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) operated by Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd (ERL). It shares the same tracks as the KLIA-Exspres but unlike the direct airport express service, KLIA Transit stops at three other stations.

Both KLIA Transit and KLIA Ekspres services are often reffered to by Malaysians simply as ERL.

There are five stations served by KLIA Transit. They are (from north to south):
Station Name Interchange
KL Sentral KLIA Express, Kelana Jaya Line, KTM Komuter
Bandar Tasik Selatan Sri Petaling Line and KTM Komuter
Cyberjaya/Putrajaya Future Putrajaya Monorail
Salak Tinggi -None-


Fares depend on the distance travelled. The fares for KL Sentral-KLIA and KLIA-KL Sentral are the same as KLIA Ekspres at RM35. There are reduced fares for elderly people (over 50), though this reduction applies only to Malaysian citizens.

Check-in facilities are not available at KLIA Transit stations. However, passengers holding KLIA Transit tickets are allowed to check-in luggage for several airlines at the KL CAT in KL Sentral.

The following is the fare structure for a one-way trip as of 2006:

ERL Transit Train Fares - ADULT

One Way Fares KL Sentral Bandar Tasik Selatan Putrajaya / Cyberjaya  Salak Tinggi  KLIA
KL Sentral   RM4.20 RM9.50 RM12.50 RM35.00
Bandar Tasik Selatan RM4.20   RM5.30 RM8.30 RM26.50
Putrajaya/Cyberjaya RM9.50 RM5.30   RM3.00 RM6.20
Salak Tinggi RM12.50 RM8.30 RM3.00   RM3.20
KLIA RM35.00 RM26.50 RM6.20 RM3.20  


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