Toilet Tales

Washroom toilets can be an interesting subject on travels to a foreign country. They often are different from what we are used to and often causes bewilderment. Malaysian washrooms are rather simple in comparison to say most European washroom where a bidet is available next to the toilet bowl. We only have one toilet bowl but come in two versions. One is the sitting type or flush toilet and the other squat and aim hole. Sometimes, a tube with access to running water located next to the toilet bowl is available to clean yourself. Normally, a mirror and hand basin for washing your hands is located nearby. Apart from Hotels and better establishment restaurants, toilet paper is not always available and you should keep a packet of tissue with you at all times. Soap and paper are also not always available.


Unclean washrooms have always been an issue in Malaysia and there has always been talk and little action to improve things. Conditions vary from establishment to establishment and from place to place.



Toilet locations



Restaurants all have a washroom and they can be used by travelers. To get to the washroom, just head straight to it, which normally is located somewhere in the back. Watch out for the signs which normally is a picture of a man and women. You may feel uncomfortable using their washroom as you did not patronise it, but this is survival and rarely will you be told off. Important point to note is that Chinese hawker restaurants generally tend to neglect on the maintenance of their washrooms. I you see an Indian or Malay restaurant, chances are that they will be in better condition. Better establishment restaurants mostly have clean washrooms.



Hotel washrooms are one of the best places in Malaysia to do your business. They are clean, fully equipped with toilet paper, soap, hand towel and hand dryer and may contain nice decorations too. Best of all, they are free of charge. The more stars the hotel has, the better. No one is going to stop you from popping into one quickly.


Washrooms in shopping malls are the second best places in Malaysia. Generally you would not encounter any issues at all, although some may require a payment of 0.20 to 0.50 Malaysian cents to the person who upkeeps it. They are accessible to all travelers.


Office washrooms are overall clean and well equipped as they are contracted to cleaning companies who come to clean on a regular basis. Mostly are available to travelers without cost. Just walk into the building lobby to look for it yourself or ask the guard.


Petrol Stations

Petrol stations washrooms is a very popular stop but conditions vary. Most would be tolerated and used on a need to basis, as they could be the only choice available when you are on the road traveling.


Rest Stops

There are many rest stops situated along Malaysia’s Major highways. These stops have washrooms which are basic and acceptably clean.


Bus, Trains & Planes

Washrooms in these transportation modes depends large on the type of company managing them. Overall, there has been improvements. Plane and airport washrooms are clean. Train washrooms are acceptably clean.


Public Washrooms

These are sometimes found at tourist spots but conditions vary. Those that charge 0.20 to 0.30 Malaysian cents per entry are a better bet for cleanliness and maintenance. The Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur has just installed 23 high-tech, self-cleaning toilets, throughout the city. The air-conditioned toilets have an automatic seat cleaner that washes, scrubs and dries the bowl after every use. Each costing US111,000 to install, you need to pay just 0.20 Malaysian cents to use.



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