Tipping in Malaysia


In Malaysia, Malaysians do not tip and they do not expect to be tipped either. Unlike the American model, where a waiter or waitress starts with a lower basic and earn from tips 15-17% of bill before tax or 20% at a 5-star restaurant. Malaysian waiters receive a higher fixed basic pay. There is a service charge of 10% charged into the bill in major restaurant establishments in Malaysia, although this may not necessary be passed on to the wait staff. There is also a 5% government tax on the bill. However, this has never stopped some locals from leaving the loose change behind or leaving behind RM2 to RM10 Ringgit, if he is happy about the service or feels like it. This does not happen in the local hawker stall or lower establishment restaurants. The point to remember is that it is not expected.


Taxi drivers, hairdressers, shampooer, pizza delivery person or furniture delivery do not need to be tipped either or do they expect so.


The only exception to this is bellhop or room service at the hotels where you are encouraged to tip from anything between RM2 to RM10.




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