Malaysian Calling Chart


The international access code for Malaysia is +60. The outgoing code is 00 followed by the relevant country code (e.g. 001 for the United States, 0044 for UK etc) followed by area code and number. Malaysian city/area codes are in use, e.g. (0)3 for Kuala Lumpur, (0)6 for Melaka and so forth. International Direct Dial is available throughout the country, but the service can be erratic. Hotels can add a hefty surcharge to their telephone bills; it is best to check before making long international calls. Coin and card-operated public phones are widespread but some may be malfunctioned, and phone cards can be purchased at the airport, petrol stations and newsagents. Cards are not transferable between phone companies: Uniphone and Telekom phone boxes are the most common. Mobile networks cover most of the country; the local mobile phone operators use GSM networks, which are compatible with most international phones. Internet cafes are widely available in tourist and residential areas.


Country Code +60


City State Codes
Alor Setar 4
Beranang 3
Bintulu 8
Broga 3
Cheras 3
Dengkil 3
Ipoh 5
Johor Bahru 7
Johore (State) 7
Kajang 3
Kedah 4
Kelantan (State) 9
Kepala Batas 4
Kota Bharu 9
Kota Kinabalu 8
Kuala Lumpur 3
Kuala Terengganu 9
Kuantan 9
Kuching 8
Labuan 8
Machang 9
Maran 9
Melaka (State) 6
Miri 8
Muar 6
Negeri Sembilan (State) 6
Pahang 9
Penang (State) 4
Perak (State) 4
Perlis (State) 4
Port Dickson 6
Sandakan 8
Sarawak (State) 8
Selangor (State) 3
Sabah (State) 89



Semenyih 3
Seremban 6
Sibu 8
Sintok 4
Sri Aman 8
Sungei Besi 3
Sungei Renggam 3
Terengganu (State) 9



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