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Why reside in Malaysia?    Many foreigners have made Malaysia their second home. Popular places include Pulau Langkawi, Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, but why reside in Malaysia. The benefit is that this programme is Malaysian Government Supported, Standard of Living High, Low Cost of Living, Sunny and Balmy Weather, Good Infrastructure, Political Stability and Rule of Law, Safety as crime is relatively low, interesting Culture and Language, Good local and international food, lots of recreation and entertainment, good and cheap healthcare and medicine, adequate education facilities with many international schools, and good housing. This programme has been popular with nationalities from England, Japan, China and US, amongst others. As of end 2006, a total of 8,723 applications mainly from people in China, Bangladesh, Britain, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan have been approved since the MM2H programme was launched in 2002.


The programme   THE Malaysian Government welcomes foreign nationals (except citizens of Israel, Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro) to stay in Malaysia on a long term Social Visit Pass under the Malaysia My Second Home programme. The duration of stay is for a period of 10 years with a Multiple Entry Visa. This programme allows foreigners to purchase up to two units of residential premises costing more than RM150,000 (approximately US$42,000) each. However, it does not entitle participants of the programme to permanent resident status.


Eligibility     This programme is open to all categories of citizens with no age limit, and they are allowed to bring along their dependants - that is, wife and children (below 18 years of age) and also one maid.


Financial requirements:
A. Applicants below 50 years of age (single or married)
RM300,000 fixed deposit at any bank in Malaysia


After one year: Withdrawal allowed of up to RM240,000 for
(i) purchase of a house in Malaysia;
(ii) education of children in Malaysia; or
(iii) medical expenses in Malaysia

B. Applicants above 50 years of age (single or married)
EITHER RM150,000 fixed deposit at any bank in Malaysia OR furnish proof of monthly offshore income of RM10,000 or from an approved / recognised institution in their country of origin, such as a pension scheme.


After one year: Withdrawal allowed of up to RM90,000 for
(i) purchase of a house in Malaysia;
(ii) education of children in Malaysia; or
(iii) medical expenses in Malaysia.

In both A) and B), a minimum balance of RM60,000 must be maintained in the fixed deposit for the duration of stay under the programme from the second year.

Note: A Multiple Entry Visa is given together with a Visit Pass (Social) of 10 years for successful applicants.

Applicants below 50 years of age must submit their applications to the Headquarters of the Malaysian Immigration Department only. Applicants above 50 years of age may submit their applications in or outside Malaysia.


Submission of applications
An application may be submitted while the applicant is in the country provided that the applicant is in the possession of a valid pass.

Applications may also be made at the following places:

 Immigration Department of Malaysia Visa, Pass and Permit Division Level 3, Block 2G4 (Podium) Precinct 2 Federal Government Administration Centre 62550 Putrajaya Federal Territory

 All Malaysian Tourism Offices

Immigration Department of Malaysia website: Malaysia My Second Home

Maximum no. of residential units: Two
All categories of residential units are allowed except for:

 Low-cost and medium low-cost units as determined by the state authorities

 All properties built on Malay reserve land

 Units reserved for Bumiputra quota

 Agricultural land developed on the basis of the homestead concept

Each state authority has the discretion to consider the acquisition based on location, number of units in any single project development and the type of property.

Generally the minimum purchase price of residential units in Malaysia is as follows:

 RM350,000 and above each for certain areas in Sarawak.

 RM250,000 and above each for the states of Johor, Penang and Malacca

 RM150,000 and above for other states


Successful applicants are STRICTLY forbidden to:

 Be employed anywhere in Malaysia unless approved by the Government;

 Participate in activities that could be considered sensitive to the local people such as political or missionary activities


The Social Visit Pass fee under the Malaysia My Second Home Programme is RM90 per year



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