Drinking the Water

In homes, Malaysians always boil their tap water before drinking it. It has never been a practice to drink straight from the tap, although it is considered safe to do so. When in the restaurants, shops or out and about, people would just buy bottled mineral or distilled water, soft drinks like cola or isotonic drinks, coconut water, sugar cane water, local drinks and tea and coffee. It would be safe for travelers to buy bottled mineral water from the supermarkets, shops and petrol stations as they are clean and at times, taste quite good. There are numerous locally bottled mineral water brands to choose from, such as Spritzer, Eau Claire and Mesra. Imported brands like Evian, Perrier and San Benedetto minerale and frizzante are available at selected shops but cost more, between RM4 to RM6 for a 1.5 liter bottle. The Malaysian brands can be bought for around RM1.80(US 0.47) for a 1.5 liter bottle.



Local Brands of Mineral Water


Spritzer is a local brand of mineral water which comes from a natural aquifer 123 metres below ground, under a natural land preserve in Taiping Perak. Far removed from industrial pollution it is balanced in natural trace minerals and hygienically bottled to international standards.


Spritzer also sells distilled drinking water which has no micro-organisms, minerals or chemicals. It is made pure using a U.S. patented process, Spritzer distilled drinking water meets or exceeds FDA, EPA, USP, ASTM and other industry standards.


Eau Claire and Mesra

Eau Claire and Mesra natural mineral water is sourced from an underground aquifer 100m below and located in the green foothills at Titi Akar, Kedah in the northern part of Malaysia. The water source was chosen by French consultants after intensive hydro geological studies. Microbiological tests are carried out at all stages of packaging to ensure purity.



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