Packing Tips for Malaysia



· It is advisable to wear comfortable and lightweight cotton or mixed fibre clothing in Malaysia.

· A cotton hat or baseball cap provides some shade from the sun (optional)

· Bring a pair of sunglasses with UV protection

· Sunscreen (Optional)

· A small towel to wipe sweat

· Bring talcum powder as it reduces chafing

· A small portable traveling umbrella could be useful as downpours could happen anytime. This is especially so for the northeast monsoon season from November till February.


Jungle trekking tips

· Use a small lightweight backpack

· Lightweight loose-fitting cotton clothing is ideal

· Loose-fitting, long trousers are better than shorts, protecting legs against scratches from thorny plants and insect bites

· Good boots are essential; preferably lightweight, canvas or leather jungle boots that lace up high to keep out leeches. It is ideal cushion and protection from rough terrain and muddy terrain

· A small towel to wipe sweat

· Extra change of clothes (Not too many)

· If using a money belt, make sure contents are tightly wrapped in plastic and waterproofed to protect from water and sweat

· The weather can be unpredictable so be prepared for sudden showers. Bring a raincoat or buy one of the disposable raincoats.

· Bring insect repellents. Mosquitoes and bugs can be rather annoying. It can be a deterrent for leeches as well.

· Bring along a torchlight and some spare batteries

· Bring a pair of binoculars if you are interested to see more flora and fauna.

· Take sufficient water and pack a few ready to eat food to keep energy levels up

· Plasters or band aids for cuts and medicine for headaches and diarrhea

· Bring salt, tiger balm, iodine or medicated menthol oil to remove the harmless leeches if you do not wish to flick them away.

· A study walking stick may be useful for some people, especially during descents. Buy one or pick a dead branch.


For hill station jungle trekking of Cameron Highlands, Fraser’s Hill, Bukit Larut and Genting Highlands

· Bring a sweater in case the temperature drops. Thick sweater or jacket is necessary for nights.


For mountain climbing of Mount Kinabalu

· You will need warm clothes such as jackets, woolen hat, gloves and long pants. Dress in layers so you can take off and put on clothes as necessary.

· Temperatures at higher elevations is refreshingly cool during daytime and cold at night. Temperatures can drop to freezing above 3500m.


Additional precaution

· Get in shape if jungle trekking is on the itinerary, especially for long treks.

· When choosing a trial, be sure that you have enough time to complete the entire route before darkness falls. Check first the estimated time and difficulty level

· Always inform your hotel or park headquarters on your destination plans and estimated return time

· Do not eat “fruits” from trees or drink water from streams unless the guide gives the ok.



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